Com Prep Teams(GZ)




For Cheer Dance we will have a team for Minis (4-6), Juniors (7-9), Seniors (10 and up,) and Senior Hip Hop (10 and up). Our Minis and Juniors, will practice all three styles of cheer dance, our Senior team will focus on Jazz and Freestyle Pom, and we will have a Senior Hip Hop Team which will focus solely on Hip Hop. All Competition Prep Cheer Dance Teams will be required to take a monthly skills class, every month of Competition Prep Team season.

For Cheer we will have a Mini Team (4-7), and a Jr/Sr Team (8 and up). All Competition Prep Cheer Teams will be required to take a three month Rec Tumbling class and a one month tumbling class to finish out their season. Additionally, Competition Prep Cheer Teams can purchase two Open Gym Punch Cards for a discounted price. 



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